02/22/10 - Artistic Architectural Texture

This was the final assignment for this class. The idea was
to see how this groups vision and execution has improved
since we started back in January. Although this class has been
slower than others in getting their assignments done, they
do seem to have improved their photographic skills.

I always stress to each class that one of the most important
habits to develop in life is to ALWAYS give 100% effort into
whatever you do. If you do not, and something you have tried
does not work, when you go back to analyze it you can never
determine exactly the reason for failure. "If only I had tried a
little harder". If you always give it 100%, you will never wonder.

This class has talent, but for the most part, they did not put in 100% effort.
When you look at their work throughout the semester, you will see good results -

They could have been better.

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Photo by Eirin

02/22/10 - Vision of California

This assignment is given to every class. Since the
sudents are new to the U.S. and to California it
is always interesting to seehow they view
Southern California and our lifestyle.

The only difficulty this time was that this class is more
interested in partying than spending the short time
needed to create just a single nice photograph,
and most students did not do the assignment .

Those that did the assignment came up with some very
nice photographs.

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02/08/10 - Formal Portrait

Instructions - Take a portrait. Not an informal portrait,
but a portrait in which the photographer controls both
the subject and the lighting.

This is always the most difficult assignment. The students
find it awkward to have to develop a rapport with their
models, and to control them - that is, to draw out their
personality, set up a basic situation, and then dictate
the details of a pose.

Once again it took more than one try to get results, and
several students could not or would not do it.

Life is never easy and creativity requires concerted effort.

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Photo by Ilde

Photo by Oskar

01/25/10 - Still Life

For this assignment the students were asked to
create a still life using indoor lighting. They
had learned how to use a main light and a fill
light in class. The resulting images are really

The only problem that occured was in learning
that it is very tricky to get point and shoot cameras
to focus where you want them to. A lesson
learned the hard way.

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01/13/10 - First Day of Class Photo Contest.

INSTRUCTIONS - Photograph a person, a vehicle, and an

The assignment was given to see what skills and vision the
students have before being given any instruction at all in photography.

Judging, as it has been with every class, was difficult.
Two top professional photographers finally agreed
upon a winner. As usual, we were again amazed at the
imagery produced by all of the students.

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