The Summer 2010 Digital Imaging Class was a small one, but don't let that fool you -  all of these students are very talented
and will go far!
Two of the students were new -Aiko & Alina, and the other two had already taken the
photography class in Spring - Lucy and Tiziano.

I spent some extra time with Aiko & Alina and brought them up to speed on photography. Everyone was taught Photoshop,
and all assignments given entailed working the images in Photoshop.

As always seems to be the case, portraiture is the most difficult assignment. It is not easy to take control of a photoshoot
involving people. It takes a long time to learn to quickly become comfortable with and gain a rapport with your
model, dictating exactly how you want them to pose, watching all of the little details, and pulling the
model's personality forth into a  natural, pleasing and artistic pose.

The results of each assignment, and the ease with which the students quickly became very comfortable and good
at Photoshop really surprised me. The results were very impressive!

To see each student's gallery of work from this semester, click on an image below.