The Summer 2009 Photo/Imaging Class was different than all previous classes. There were 5 students in the class,
4 of whom were repeat students from the Spring 2009 class, plus 1 new student - Maaya.

I did a "split" class, in which I taught Maaya the material that the repeating students had learned previously, and I
gave the returning students more advanced assignments, to give them new challenges using what they
had learned, and to introduce them to more advanced techniques in Photoshop.

The first assignment for everyone was portraiture. This is not as easy as it sounds. Taking photos of your friends while out
partying or hanging around is one thing, but to have to capture the essence of a person by controlling the
situation yourself is a whole other ball game. All of the students found this assignment intimidating
and a bit difficult. In the end, they got some pretty nice photos, as you can see on this page.

All students participated in the final assignment of the semester. Three of them ( Max, Nadja & Tina ) did location
studio photography of five items at an upscale Southwestern and American Indian art gallery, and then all five
students created a one page ad for the gallery utilizing one of the five photos. The purpose of this
assignment, and of this semester's class, was to learn to create promotional commercial art
for the real world. The photography was excellent, and the results were pretty good,
considering that this was their first foray into commercial creative art.

To see each student's gallery of work from this semester, click on their photo!

Photo by Nadja

Photo by Tina

Photo by Jose