Final Assignment

INSTRUCTIONS - Produce a Photo Composite. The subject
was "whatever you want it to be".

Originally I wanted the students to visualize a scenario
of multiple elements and then photograph each element
and create a believable composite. I told them that it
takes quite awhile to develop a digital "eye". Well, they
found that out in a hurry! In the end I got half of them
to do that, and the other half created some very nice
graphic composites that utilized photos and copy.

This was a good lesson in the difficulty of learning to
"see" digitally,

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Assignment - 05/20/09

INSTRUCTIONS - Shoot a picture which exhibits both
texture & shape.

This assignment actually proved more difficult than the previous
ones. "Texture" was a little harder to grasp for some of the
students than for others. After a couple of tries, they all came
through! It is Spring, and perhaps the nice weather, plus
the proximity to the beach, clouded the creative process.
In the end, the results were pretty good.

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Assignment - 05/13/09

INSTRUCTIONS - Photograph a scenic. Keep in mind
your lighting, composition, and framing. Be creative!

This assignment proved to be a true surprise. I thought that
everyone would use the local beach, and shoot a sunset. I
was interested in seeing how these students would produce
something different than the last two semesters did. Wow!
Was I surprised! Only one student did a sunset, and it was
very artistically done with great composition. The other
three photos were more of an architectural slant, but also
used excellent light and composition. All really good stuff!

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Assignment - 04/27/09

INSTRUCTIONS - Photograph a person, as an environmental
portrait if possible. Be aware of how light effects the shot.

A portrait assignment is always interesting. The students in
every class attack the assignment more as shooting an
object rather than a person. Objects can be made to
express emotion through the setting and light. It is a
challenge for the students to learn to control their subject
and to elicit emotion and draw out what the person is like.
This took two tries, but the final results are really nice!

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Photo by Nadja

Photo by Maxime

04/15/09 - First Day of Class Photo Contest.

INSTRUCTIONS - Photograph a person, a flower, and an inanimate object.

The assignment was given to see what skills and vision the students
have before being given any instruction at all in photography.

Judging, as it has been with every class, was difficult.
Two top professional photographers finally agreed
upon a winner. We were again amazed at the
imagery produced by all of the students.

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