12/09/09 - Photo Composite Contest:
The students have now had 11 weeks of photography and
Photoshop instruction
. For this assignment/contest the rules
were: Create a photo/composite from scratch. The image
must contain at least two original photos taken since
Thanksgiving day. The theme was of their choice. The
was done by 4 top professional Los Angeles area
photographers. The quality of the compositing work was
primary, and creativity was secondary. As usual, it was
difficult deciding a clear winner. For the students first
attempts at compositing, everyone did a terrific job!

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Photo Composite by Estela -
First Prize Winner - Tuesday/Thursday Class

11/10/09 - Vision of California:
This is an assignment given to each new class of students.
It is always interesting to see what their
minds and creativity
come up with. The one advantage they have over long time
residents of California is that they have a fresh view of
our beautiful state.
This semester's students came up with a wide variety of
"visions" - all of which are quite interesting.
The students have now had a fair introduction to Photoshop,
and they utilized their new found knowledge in retouching
and in some cases compositing these images.

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10/26/09 - Environmental Portrait
As opposed to a traditional portrait, posed on a simple
background with studio lighting, an environmental portrait
incorporates the subject and the location as an artistic combination.
Students always seem to have trouble with portraits, because they
are not used to, or comfortable with, controlling their subjects.
They are used to "taking" a snapshot as an invisible photographer.

After a couple of tries and some prodding by the instructor,
the results were quite interesting.
This assignment once again shows the students that creating
imagery rather than taking a picture is not easy!

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Photo by Lars

Photo by Cathrine


10/12/09 - Food - as the star.
This assignment was given after the students had been exposed to two weeks of lessons (including demonstrations) in lighting for photography. In photography light is everything.

The direction of this assignment was to incorporate food in a photo as the star. The example is " instead of taking a photo of someone eating a hamburger, take a photo of a hamburger being eaten by someone ". A subtle but large distinction.

The results were excellent. The students not only created some great artistic images, but they learned that creating a photo takes a lot of effort, whereas taking a picture is easy. Big difference!

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09/23/09 - 1st Day of Class Photo Contest
This is a tradition for every Photography/Imaging class. The class
is divided into teams, given three different themes to photograph,
and then given 30 minutes to do it. The purpose of this exercise is
to see the level of photographic skill and vision the students are
starting out with. By looking at all of their images, I can see how
they think, compose, and technically capture these three different
themes. For this contest, the themes were: An automobile, a portrait
( of one of their team mates), and an artistic photo of anything.

As it has been for every class there is a total range of vision and
quality, but as usual I am always amazed at the final results.

To see all of the photos from this contest,
click on the image below.

Photo byDaniel

Photo by Nanda

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